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Come To Life

Come to Life, the debut offering from ROMANS, is a collection of contemporary Catholic liturgical music updated with a fresh, exciting sound especially suited for young adults and families. Based on the idea that Catholics need to "take the Mass" with them out into the world, Come to Life presents well-known songs from the Sacred Liturgy in a recreational context, ideal for drive-time listening and radio play.


left quote It is really impressive! It would be nice if all of our church music could express the enthusiasm and joy that ROMANS seem able to put into what they do. right quote
Most Reverend Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Archbishop of Cincinnati

left quote When I first heard ROMANS play I was very impressed with what I was hearing. Songs that I had sung all of my life had all of a sudden become spiritually moving and sung with life right quote
Charles Smith, Hamilton, OH

left quote I haven't thought about reviewing a CD before, but my first thoughts are: I loved this from first listening to most recent...Gregorian chants rock into exquisite harmonies and unexpectedly delightful arrangements of contemporary Catholic hymns. The angels are singing here!! right quote
Janie Williams, Dayton, OH

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