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Support Catholic Music and Raise Money

Over the years, the response to our music has been overwhelming, achieving national recognition and radio play as well as worldwide sales. We have managed to sell thousands of CDs at our live performances in the Cincinnati area while holding down “regular” jobs and raising Catholic families. But due to our limited ability to tour in promotion of our recordings, our music has not even scratched the surface of our potential listening audience. This is where you come in… Partner With ROMANS!

    There is no better advertisement than the excitement of faithful supporters and positive word of mouth. Recognizing this fact, we have put together a partnering program designed to help us achieve three goals,
    • To pair us up with parish communities, schools, and organizations with a large member base able to assist us with promoting our music.
    • To give the partnering parish, school, or organization an opportunity to increase funding to help support their ministry needs.
    • To diversify our ability to serve and give back to Christ and His Church.

Where You Can Help?

Consider partnering with ROMANS. Nothing is more powerful than members of The Body of Christ working together as one and nothing is more effective than positive word of mouth. In return, ROMANS is happy to donate 50% of the price of every CD sold*, back to the parish, group, or organization, to help support their mission work. We are many parts, we are all one body and many hands make light the work. We pray you will consider partnering with ROMANS so we can work together to help build up the Body of Christ.

On this page are downloadable files detailing more information about this program and customizable sample materials designed to help participating partners to maximize their efforts.

*Based on a sale price of $15.00 per CD.

If you would like to learn more about this program or are interested in partnering with ROMANS, please contact

Jeff Schutte
Phone (513) 367-4379
Cell (513) 633-4379
Email Jeff!

The following information is available for download:

Partnering Program Business Card
Partnering Program Introduction Letter
Partnering Program Marketing & Sales Strategy
Partnering Program Flyer (jpeg)
Partnering Program Flyer (tif)

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